This is where I’m supposed to tell you all about who I am. But I’m not really good at that kind of thing so I’ll just give you some fast facts:

I was born and raised in NJ (the south part, near Atlantic City), lived in Iowa for 7 years during undergrad and after, then in NC for 7 years, the last three in grad school, then in the DC area for 6, and now I’m in Chicago for a year.

I’m an only child, which means that I cheerfully adopt my friends as family.

One of my earliest memories is dragging an old manual typewriter housed in a musty suitcase into the living room so that I could write stories.

I am a lazy reader. I’ve read the first four chapters of Pride and Prejudice about 50 times, and I never get past Tom Bombadil in Fellowship of the Ring. But, lest you despair, I did finish the entire Twilight series. (I mean, who doesn’t like glittery vampires?)

I love Disney World like a six year old loves Disney World. One of my favorite things in all the world is the opening show at the Magic Kingdom.

I adore flowers. Sunflowers are my favorite, and then pretty much anything in bright or rich colors. Bouquets of zinnias make my heart happy.

I laugh a lot. I can find the humor in anything. Anything. Ask my friends.


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